Fenton Friday: Presidential Visits

Okay, so Obama (nor his wife) have bothered to make the very short journey  to my garden, but two other presidents have figured prominently in my community garden plot this week.

First, is the namesake of the big, juicy, red tomato pictured here. It is the heirloom 'Abraham Lincoln' tomato. It is the ONE -- count them -- 1 fruit I have gotten from this plant that I got as a seedling from the USDA at their 150th anniversary celebration this past June. I may get more from it before the season is out, but I'm pleased as punch with this one, perfect, blemish-free example. Hate to eat it. Right now he is the centerpiece display of my kitchen island.

The second president to "visit" my garden plot this week is Thomas Jefferson. I spoke at the Heritage Harvest Fest at Monticello last week and while there purchased a 4-pack of Calabrese Broccoli seedlings from the museum gift shop. They are somewhat gangly and hard to photograph, but they are growing and doing well, unlike the broccoli I started from seed a few weeks ago that never seem to be happy and have all but disappeared at this point. I'm on my way out now to put a floating row cover over the Jefferson broccoli as I will be very ticked if the beetles get them before I can harvest any florets. I'd feel like I would be letting old "Sage of Monticello" down.

What dignitaries are visiting your garden this week?


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