Fenton Friday: Eggplant Ethics

This eggplant sat all summer long and finally gave me one decent fruit. Another one is hanging on the plant right now, but it is relatively puny. I look around at the neighboring community garden plots and see some eggplants going gangbusters, what is their secret? We are supposed to be a completely organic community garden, but sometimes it does make one wonder when you plant the same seedling, purchased from the same source, and one plant gives gobs of goodies all summer long and your plant is just "eh." Should I be calling the MiracleGro police? Or am I just a Bitter Betty?

Ah well, I have plenty of other produce from my garden this week to keep me busy. I should tend my own garden plot and stick to my own business, right? The okra and cherry tomatoes are loving the sunny days and not-so-sweltering temperatures, as am I! It is past time for me to start Fall greens and I am mulling over building a cold frame. As I said, I have enough to do to keep out of trouble, for now.


Elizabeth said…
Did you plant the eggplants at the same time as your gardening neighbors? I have a theory that cool weather after transplanting can permanently affect eggplant plants. The year before last some friends got their eggplants late in the planting season (early June) and got a bumper crop. We've started planting several weeks "late" as well and this year had more eggplants than ever before.
Elizabeth - thanks for the comments. I actually was likely the latest to get my eggplants in the ground around early June. One neighboring plot put his in March (!) as we had such a warm spell that month and he has had a nice bounty. Go figure!

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