Sourcing Locally Grown Plants ~ Washington Gardener Enews ~ July 2012

Washington Gardener Enews ~ July 2012
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I am looking for information on phytophora affecting liriope and downy mildew affecting impatiens in the Washington, D.C. area. I am losing a ton of liriope planted this past spring and last fall due to a crown rot and both myself and several neighbors are having major issues with impatiens--either not thriving or appearing to rot out. One source says that the unusal weather in this area during early summer (humid days, cooler nights) brought it on and that we won't be able to grow, or possibly even buy, either liriope or impatiens in the next couple years. But yet I do see, impatiens, for example, growing and thriving 1/4 mile from my house. Could it be that it was just planted after that strange weather period? I can't find much about this issue online or locally. If this is indeed an issue, it would be something great for Washington Gardener to address. Thanks.
Hi Denise - excellent question. I have heard rumors of wholesale growers being affected, but not home gardeners as yet. I'm going to out this to our "KnowITall" Q&A columnist and have them research and answer it in our next issue.

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