Parade of Ponds Tour THIS Weekend

Parade of Ponds
July 28-29, 2012
Spend the weekend, a day, or a few hours touring water gardens
in Montgomery, Frederick, and Howard Counties in Maryland,
as well as Washington, DC.

Please join Premier Ponds as we celebrate our 5th annual Parade of Ponds. Pond owners and enthusiasts are invited to tour the beautiful ponds and water features designed and constructed by Premier Ponds, with all proceeds benefitting Shepard’s Table. Donations to this worthy organization that provides food and other necessities for those less fortunate in our community will be accepted at designated tour stops.

Over 30 unique and awe inspiring ponds, streams, waterfalls, fountains and water gardens will be available for a self-guided tour at your leisure.  The majority of these stops include gardens at private residences with a few of commercial properties also offering their fountains for viewing. The tour includes properties in wooded settings, large scale properties, and even small water garden features for the intimate setting. Participants can visit all the gardens over the weekend in any order they desire or just pick-and-choose to visit a select few.

For further details, visit Premier Ponds’ web site
and click on “Parade of Ponds” page
or call 434-981-0259.

Washington Gardener Magazine is proud to be a sponsor of the annual Parade of Ponds weekend in the DC-MD.


Lisa said…
Nice Sharing!
Nicole Martin said…
Stunning! Great styles you have picked and looking wonderful. My companion has made a water pond in the mid of greenhouse and utilized Pond Liner Repair for its support. He demanded me to have a pond yet now I am truly intrigued.

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