Fenton Friday: New Herb Markers

With temps hovering around 100 for the last week (and a water-use restriction over last weekend), there was not much to do at my community garden plot at the Fenton Street Garden except pick carrots and salad greens to eat each night, pinch back flowering basil, and water when I could.

My nieces came to visit and since they enjoy arts-and-crafts, we spent an afternoon creating new herb markers for the community garden's shared herb space. I went to the local Ace hardware and asked for extra paint stir sticks. We used acrylic paints and gave each one a base-coat in lime green then the nieces set to work painting the herb names in purple and painting a small picture of each herb. While they did that, I grabbed a spare piece of wood and painted a welcome sign to go near the front gate of the garden. I hope our fellow gardeners and passers-by enjoy the garden art.


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