Fenton Friday: Mini-Harvest

We had a monsoon on Tuesday evening. It was a really gully-washer that last about an hour. I was afraid my new seedlings were swept away, but they are still there and everything at the community garden plot got a good 2+ inches.

I picked several mini bell peppers, a couple 'SunGreen' tomatoes, one red cherry tomato (cannot recall variety), and lots of carrots plus salad greens.

I don't know HOW my salad greens have not bolted yet, but they haven't so I'm letting a half-row of them stay for now.

Also pinched back some of my basil plants which are starting to flower and ripped out my old Calendula. It was still flowering, but was looking rather woody, overgrown, and sad. It had made several babies around it so I thinned them and hope a few take its place.


Mary Hysong said…
Sounds like a nice week in the garden!
Thanks, Mary, it was a big relief after the 11-day heat wave and the new heat wave coming in today.
Your greens haven't bolted? Enjoy!
Stoney Acres said…
Wow, my salad greens bolted over a month ago. I'm super jealous I wish I had a salad to go with our tomatoes!!
kitsapFG said…
I hope the big rains really helped your garden - particularly after the prolonged bouts of heat all of you have been dealing with.

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