Fenton Friday: Bolted

It had to happen eventually *sigh* -- my cool-season lettuces finally bolted (set flower/seed) this week in my community garden plot at Fenton Street. It took two weeks of near 100 or over temps to induce it though, so I'd say it more than had its full run.

I'll yank it out in the next few days and plan on putting in Broccoli seeds for harvest this fall. I have never grown broccoli and I know here in the Mid-Atlantic it is not the easiest crop, so your advice is welcome.


Erica Smith said…
Water it well, and if your community garden has harlequin bugs, put floating row cover over it from the very beginning. Good luck! And that's an amazing run for lettuce.
Thanks, Erica. Yes, think we have bad harlequin bug outbreak this year so will seek out a row cover asap.

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