Favorite Summer Edibles

The winner of our June 2012 Washington Gardener Reader Contest is Faith Hood of Falls Church, VA. Congratulations, Faith! She was chosen at random among the entries received to win a stunning Black Rose Necklace from Minou Bazaar (a $26 value).

We asked our June contest : What is your favorite summer edible?

Faith said: "My favorite summer edible has to be melons. I love my watermelon and cantaloupe isn't far behind"

Cindy Walczak of Olney, MD commented that her favorite summer edible is a juicy ripe nectarine.

Sue Hauser of Kensington, MD chimed in: "My favorite summer edible is okra. It is easy to grow, yummy to eat, and bears an exquisite blossom."

"My favorite summer edibles are giant, sweet, juicy Brandywine tomatoes," said Dani Sandler of Washington, DC.  

So what is your favorite summer edible?


Not enough people remember flowers as edibles. But the blooms from Monarda are a GREAT addition to macerated peaches, then spooned onto vanilla ice cream. Both colorful and tasty adding a bright tea-like flavor to the peaches!
What a great suggestion, Brent and Becky's Bulbs!

That brings to mind Daylilies are edible too - similar uses and in taste/texture to squash blossoms.

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