Fenton Friday: Pea Harvest!

I'm a bit late with my Friday update of what is going on at my Fenton community garden plot as this weekend has been a typical spring one for me - one garden event and tour and plant swap after another.

I did manage to get over to the plot to a couple times on my way back from other events and grab handfuls of radishes. The radish are coming in hot and heavy now -- sized from golfball to cherry tomato. I am giving away more than I eat as, IMHO, a little bit of radish goes a long way.

Two days ago, I ran by and saw that the flowers on my Sugar Snap Pea plants had turned to fully formed peas virtually overnight. I picked a few pounds and snacked on them as I harvested. Yum! The rest I brought home to have for dinner and I will freeze the remainder to see how well they preserve.


Anonymous said…
nice opinion.. thanks for posting.
Thanks for stopping by, Anon. :-)

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