Fenton Friday: Cool Season Harvest Pre-Heat Wave

After several inches of rain this week the community garden plot is exploding. I picked 2 pounds of sugar snap peas on Tuesday and again today. That does not include the peas I ate right in the garden.

I also cut a large bowl of salad greens. I was hoping to leave some of the lettuce to form heads, but with 90 degree temps expected for the next three days, I figured I needed to harvest what I can now before things start to bolt.

Everyday I pull more radishes and at this point am giving them away to whomever I meet up with. If you don't like radish, you better run when you see me coming :-).

My asparagus is finally starting to surface and I thinned out the carrot seedlings. Garlic and potatoes are taking care of themselves. 

The Calendula most have 40 blooms on it right now. It is quite the showstopper. I may move it to the communal herb garden portion of the garden though as it is taking up valuable growing real estate in my plot.

Basil has re-seeded around from last year's plants and I plan to move it all to one spot when I get a chance.

The marigold seeds I planted last week have not sprouted yet, I'm wondering though if the heavy rains may have washed them away. Will give it a week and maybe re-seed the row if needed.

Finally, I have a flat of tomato and pepper seedlings waiting to go in, but with the ground so soggy, I'm thinking I'll wait to work in it until we get a few rain/storm-free days.

So what is growing in your vegetable plot?


Sheds said…
I am growing some herbs and vegetables!I am so excited to harvest.
I'm gonna harvest a bunch of tomatoes and lettuce this coming summer.
Sheds - enjoy your harvest!

Reylan - you have 2 of the 3 ingredients for BLT - yum!

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