Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: Sunflowers in November

This autumn has been a wonderful "Indian Summer." The past few days in the Washington, DC-area were in the '60s and made weeding and raking a joy.

The line of sunflowers along my fence may look a bit scraggly as the other annuals I planted there have died back, but the sunflowers just keep right on blooming! I plan on keeping them up until the last flower finished up.


dorothy said…
The sunflowers look so cheerful, and I'm sure the birds appreciate them too! Happy Bloom Day!
Anonymous said…
Sunflowers always make me smile :)
NellJean said…
What the redneck rosarian said. I meant to say that before I saw his comment. Next year for sure I'll plant some.
Thank you all so much for visiting my GBBD post. You hit it right on the nailhead: cheerful and smiling, who could not fall in love?

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