Video Wednesday: Charlie Koiner the Urban Farmer

Charlie Koiner and his urban farm have gotten a lot of great press coverage lately. Mostly, they focus on his age or the urban setting, but I know what Charlie really likes to talk about: What is growing well right now in his garden. His figs, blackberries, sweet peppers, and tomatoes are all doing wonderfully -- putting my own garden plot three blocks south of his place to utter shame. One day, I'll have vegetables like Charlie's, one day...


Suzanne said…
Tell me more about the figs, we just planted a bush/tree this year. When can I expect to get figs from it?
Figs take a few years, all depends on the size/age of the tree you purchased, but in general you can expect your first few fruits after a year and then within 5-7 years you will start to have bumper crops - just like Charlie's! Though you will be fighting the birds for them.

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