My Favorite Flowers

Bourbon Rose  'Zephirine Drouhin'
The irony of this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is that almost ALL my favorite flowers are in bloom at the same time, yet I am not able to enjoy them. From early-April to mid-June, my own garden is a massive jungle of weeds as I run to tour other's gardens and attend every possible local garden event.

I did smarten up a few years ago though and moved my top favorites to positions where I will encounter them daily coming and going -- right next to my front and back doors, at my high-traffic corner, etc. That way I and visitors can enjoy them, if even for a brief passing moment.

I have pictured them here and hop you will share your favorite flowers in bloom right now as well.

Peony 'Festiva Maxima'

PS In case you are reading this post elsewhere, it is originally posted to my blog at, and when you view it at the blog, you can click on the original photos to view them at larger sizes and in more detail.

 Clematis 'Silver Moon'

 Bearded Iris


Nell Jean said…
Beautiful blooms. Now we know why Carol calls her blog 'May Dreams.'
greggo said…
Like the clematis.
Larry said…
A mixed blessing... I was considering how marvelous it must be seeing all those other gardens... but perhaps a bit of a downer not to have the needed hours to maintain your own garden in the Spring... still... what a fantastic opportunity for you! Larry
Thanks all for stopping by and yes, Larry, just not enough hours in the day...

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