When Bloggers Collide

So much has been happening this spring, I can hardly keep up on my Twitter or Facebook feeds, much less here on the Blog. One thing I forgot to share was meeting up with fellow garden writers/bloggers Robin Ripley of the Bumblebee Blog and Susan Harris of GardenRant a few weeks ago. Both are Maryland-based, like myself. Susan is just up the road from me (a mile as the crow flies), but Robin is "way out" in Calvert County so we don't get to see her as much. We all got together for dinner here on my turf in downtown Silver Spring, MD, on April 19 before Robin spoke to the Silver Spring Garden Club at Brookside Gardens.

Oh yeah, I'm president of that club as well and do the speaker bookings, so when Robin mentioned doing a talk on The Artful Vegetable Garden at a conference that I could not make, I snapped her up for an encore at my own club.

We had time to kill between the dinner and the talk so we took Robin for a nickel-tour around Brookside. We ran around pointing out the beautiful Viburnum over here and the terrific Redbud over there. We must've been convincing guides as first-time visitor Robin was impressed enough to declare she'd make the hour-plus trek back, despite a hectic spring schedule, to spend more time to explore the collections on her own.

Pictured above: Robin in black sweater, me in yellow sweater. Susan Harris is behind the lens. Note to self, next time get somebody to take a pic with all 3 of us in it!

Pictured below, one of the many gorgeous vistas at Brookside.


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