A Sneak Peak

Documentary filmmakers came by my place recently to film a short piece about "why we garden." They are taking a class with Docs In Progress. Here in Silver Spring, MD, home of Discovery Communications and the annual AFI Silverdocs Film Festival, documentaries are a big growth industry.

The final cut will soon be up on Youtube and I'll link to it when it is live. Here I've turned the tables on them in my own kitchen and show you what it looks like to stare into the lens.

You don't get to see the lighting guy to my left though holding up a white vinyl shower curtain we dug out of my paint supplies closet to use to bounce the light and fill in the shadows.

You also don't get to see me dabbing powder on my shiny "fivehead" (aka bigger than your average forehead) that apparently distracted the camera operators. Yes, I have made a hair appointment to get my overgrown bangs cut so they'll once again cover up my large, glaring expanse of head. Meanwhile, I'll try not to blind you if I see you on the street.


FirePhrase said…
You, me and Tyra Banks in the five-head club. Thank the Lord for bangs. Can't wait to see the video!
JB, Going to start an exclusive 5-head club for us: no dues, just have to have a forehead bigger than the size of your palm. That will be out official greeting salute too: palm-to-forehead.
Cyndy said…
Can I join? I can fit both palms on my forehead.
Oh yes, Cyndy, you are IN the club :-) along with all our ample foreheaded sisters and brothers -- and as soon as the video goes up on Youtube, I'll share the link with all.

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