Barbie Does Succulents

I decided to take up the Timber Press challenge and pot up some succulents yesterday. They said to "Go Wild!" but I decidedto do one tame and one more creative. The top photo is of a trip of succulents in an old metal watering can I got at a fla market years ago. Notice it is on my bench painted in "Barbie pink." That is because for my second container I went through my Barbie collection and designed a hanging container featuring her. Click on the second photo to see it at a bigger size and observe the details. I call it "Barbie Relaxes." See her sun hat flung on the end of her shovel. Coke in hand and club crackers at her side, Barbie has plopped down under an umbrella to take a well-deserved break. She's got the radio tuned to her favorite gardening show and must of the weeding is done. A basket of her favorite plant is near her side. She plans to move that indoors for a dinner party that night. Now she is thinking what new succulents she can next add to the mix.


Katie said…
Awesome. LOL!
HB Barbie said…
Of course I do succulents! They're a wonderful addition to any container or garden!
Julie said…
How sweet! My daughter poses her dolls in photos. You can see them HERE<, at her "Never Too Old To Play With Dolls" blog!

I am a succulent lover, and love the watering can idea! Yours turned out so cutely!!!

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