AU Garden on WAMU

In the Spring 2010 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine, our DayTrip column is a visit to the American University campus in NW, Washington, DC. A busy urban university is not your typical public garden, but Cheval Force Opp writes about the 84-acre campus' rich botanical history including recently being named an Arboretum. Along with a history and how-to on visiting and touring it, the article inludes and interview Kate Pinkerton, one of the students who help organize a community garden on campus. Kate joined me last week for an interview on WAMU's Metro Connection show. (Shown here, WAMU producer David Furst records Kate's answers at AU.) You can listen to it online here.

Want to volunteer at AU's community garden or learn more about it? They have a Google Group that can be contacted via and because this is the 21st C you know they also have a video up on Youtube all about their new garden. View it here.


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