WaPo Goes Loco - Part 2

As I reported in WaPo Goes Loco Part 1 last October, "the WaPo Garden Book is available to PostPoints members for just 500 points. Other PostPoints awards are 2,000 points for a $5 gift card. So by my calculations 25% of $5 is $1.50. Now THAT is a sale considering the cover price is $18.95 for this 1998 publication. I got mine at a used book store for maybe $2.50, but I still see it for sale at local book stores full price. This makes me wonder if the Post is just clearing out their inventory or whether there is a new edition in the works making the old version soon obsolete."

Well, the PostPoints highlights in today's paper sat that the WaPo Garden Book will be given out for FREE until they are gone! You have to come in person to the Washington Post HQ building in downtown DC TODAY (Friday morning, 4/16) to claim yours.

Damn! If I wasn't just leaving for the GWA regional meeting at Mt Cuba in Delaware for an all day meeting, I'd be there in line myself to scoop up some copies and use them for raffle prizes and such.


Michelle said…
I work right next to the Post building and I picked up a book last Friday. They have TONS left (you can see the boxes and boxes through the window) but no one is there to distribute.

Do you have the contact information at the Post so I can call and find out their schedule?

Thanks a ton! It is a very useful book and I'd hate to see them go to waste!

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