Spring Issue Getting Rave Reviews

Our Spring issue cover story is on Community Gardens. I spent the last year gathering resources for the cover story. Community gardening is so popular right now and the supply of plots is nowhere close to the demand. I’m hoping this story will inspire more local governments to install gardens and give more gardeners the basis to demand them in their own community.

I’m hearing many compliments already from readers saying, “Best issue ever!” and like. Many are enjoying the feature stories including a profile of filmmaker Cintia Cabib, whose documentary “A Community of Gardeners” will make you laugh and cry and think about all the ways gardening touches your life.

Also in this issue is the Edibles column, "Magical Beans" by Cindy Brown. She shares her tips on how to grow these legendary legumes here in the Mid-Atlantic and the best varieties for our area.

Our Daytrip article is to American University in NW, Washington, DC. Did you know they were a certified arboretum now? More than that, they are going green from roofs to composting to their new student-run garden plots. Other local college campuses are taking note and asking how they can do likewise.

You’ll also find in this issue:

• a plant profile feature on Dwarf Iris

• a how-to article on Building a Raised Growing Bed

• a short piece on planting Bare Root Roses

• a round-up of our 17 Photo Contest Winners

• our InsectIndex column focuses on Bugs that Attack Broccoli and related greens

• a club meeting with the Gesneriad Society (African Violets and such)

To subscribe starting with this issue, do so by June 15. You can buy the individual from us by sending a check for $4.99 to Washington Gardener, 826 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring MD 20910 or subscribe for the full year for $20 and we'll start you off with this Spring issue. You can also subscribe online via PayPal using this link.


Mary Henderson said…
Those are interesting topics on your issue. Just in case, you still have not covered garden storage sheds in your magazine, I suggest that you do a review so that consumers will be guided when choosing the best storage sheds available in the market. It's a topic that I think many will be interested.
Tony Destroni said…
nice magazine lots of information and tips about home and gardening ! i hope that there an issue on garden wind spinner and accessories i cant wait until it will released.

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