Drumroll please... And the Photo Contest Winners are...

CORRECTION: Richard Paul Weiblinger's name is spelled incorrectly. He placed three times in the Garden Creatures category. Please note the correct spelling.


Yoma Ullman said…
The wait is over!
I feel lucky to have my images among the work of such good photographers.
Thanks to Kathy for managing the contest.
Yoma Ullman
FirePhrase said…
Love the photo viewer! Almost as good as being able to see the pictures in person.
Wendy said…
wow, I would NOT have liked to judge this contest! All of these photographs were absolutely breathtaking.
Jasmine said…

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Anonymous said…
The winners photos look fantastic- but there is no credit for the person who took the photo at the end. Was that an oversight?
Anon - yes, the opening and closing page photos were from nonwinning entrants and in my rush to post the PDF I neglected to look the names up. Will try to locate those today inbetween shoveling shifts and post here later.
The nonwinning entree on the first slide is by Dan Dennison.

The nonwinning entree on the last slide is by Caitlin Ruby.

I hope including these and the runners-up gives some flavor of our overall entry pool and gives some nonwinners a chance to shine.

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