Homegrown Thanksgiving Feast Round-Up

I asked my gardening friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as on our Washington Gardener yahoo discussion list to tell me what they gave grown in their gardens that will end up on their Thanksgiving tables this past Thursday. For my own part, it was just decor -- dried hydrangea, various seedheads, gourds, etc. Though reading through the many replies, I could have done herbs as well. Now giving myself the V-8 forehead slap! Here is a summary of the replies:

Peppers (green and red).
~ Mary F

Parsley, oregano, bee-u-ti-ful kale, potatoes + maybe carrots
~ @wormlady

Pumpkins I grew will be in my pies, sweet potatoes (with maple syrup we made), corn relish that I canned earlier
~ @lisamackhill

Beets w/ greens, pickled lemon cukes, butternut sq -- Oh--forgot the dried corn for cornmeal stuffing!
~ @purloinedletter

Great question! Unfortunately my "garden" consists entirely of decorative houseplants, none of which will be on people's plates
~ @elevenisacharm

Parsley, sage, green onions are all making it into the dinner.
~ @reddirtramblin

Sage, rosemary, leeks, and Brussels sprouts from my garden will be part of our dinner.
~ @C_Vanderlinden

Beans and herbs! Also pork and chicken which have occasionally spent time uninvited in the garden...
~ Holly Heintz Budd

Pumpkin for the pumpkin pie; raspberries in the raspberry pie; mesclun and lettuce for the salad; freshly steamed broccoli; carrots and rutabaga slices as crudites; and mashed potatoes.
~ Denny Schrock

Fresh rosemary on the turkey.
~ Stephanie Simpson

Decor is good. I will use some rosemary and sage and...drum roll...chestnuts - plus decor.
~ Helen Yoest

Sage, rosemary, thyme, chives, carrots, onions
~ Miriam Brescia

Sage, rosemary and thyme. The parsley is from Eastern Market . . .
~ MD Smith

Yes, I am using the sage and rosemary,
~ Dene

Parsley, thyme, turnip greens. Still got kale going. Separate thought of use for decorative cabbage/kale - I bought a bouquet at Whole Foods that I love – decorative cabbage cut up the stem so it looks like a bouquet. I love that look and idea.
~ Kit

Cauliflower (two large ones), brussel sprouts (baked with bacon and pecans), sage, and rosemary
~ Trudy
So what do you grow this year that ended up on your havest feast table?

Disclaimer: that is NOT my table pictured here, but one of my relative's. Those of you who know me well, know I don't even have a formal dining room!


Anonymous said…
Nice responses. I forgot the elderberry jam that didn't gell, so we used it as sauce instead of cranberry. It was especially good on the dark meat. - Trudy
Wendy said…
good question!
butternut squash for the soup, sweet potatoes for the casserole, and garlic for the mashed potatoes with roasted garlic. yum - I want to do Thanksgiving over.

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