Gather Your Garden Vignettes

Yesterday I met with our photo contet judge and a past multiple contest winner for tea, we three discussed possible changes to the Washington Gardener Photo Contest for our next round. We ended up concluding we need to add a fourth category to our Washington Gardener Photo Contest:

Garden Vignettes

This is a new class for those images that fall between the wide Garden Views (landscape scenes) and the macro Small Wonders (flower or plant part close-ups). Examples of Garden Vignettes include groupings of plants in beds or containers, unusual color or texture combinations, garden focal points, and still scenes.
In case you are OCD and wondering what the other category is to make it a total of four, it is Garden Creatures, which can be at any composition size. You see I had to separate the creature photos out after the first year of the contest when the judges and I realized there was an abundance of burd, butterfly, squirrel, etc. entries and they were beating out all the beautiful flowers and funky plant parts. For a garden-themed photo contest, that was just not right, so we gave them their own special category.

Pictured here are some of our past winners. These are among my favorites because they show that garden photos need not all be taken during the first week of May nor should they all be tight close-ups of a red rose. Our judges give equal wait to the following criteria when evaluating the entries: technical merit, composition, impact, and creativity.

Now is a good time to gather and sort your images. Note that eligible entries must have been taken in the 2009 calendar year in a garden setting within 150-mile radius of Washington, DC. The entry period will start on January 1 and you have just a few weeks to submit your winning photos. They are judged and then announced at the end of January at our annual Washington Gardener Seed Exhange. Full details and rules will come shortly...


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