Five Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Plants

See my guest blog on Locally Grown Plants for Homestead Gardens at their new store blog here. Susan Harris of Garden Rant set this up and edits it for Homestead.

I took this photo last fall at Homestead's Davidsonville, MD, location. For anyone who says pansies and ornamental cabbage are boring, I say look again. The key here is planting in abundance and with a keen eye for color. Love the addition of lime green fillers to this display to make it really pop.


Anonymous said…
does your magazine still exist? Latest on your webpage is last April....
Yes, very much still existing. We have switched to a quarterly schedule and Summer & Fall issues are out. See our past blog posts for info on both those issues. Winter is now in the works.
The web site is under-going a massive overhaul right now and hoping to have new pages up this week.

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