Black Cherry Trounces Sun Gold while Lemon Boy Slays Beef Steak

Here are the results of our 2nd Annual Washington Gardener Magazine's Tomato Tasting at the Silver Spring FRESHFarm Market last Saturday:

Black Cherry ~ 29 votes
Source: EvenSong Farm

Lemon Boy ~ 26 votes
Source: Koiner Farm

Red Currant ~ 12 votes
Source: Spring Valley F&0

Green Zebra ~ 10 votes
Source: EvenSong Farm

Sun Gold ~ 8 votes
Source: Spring Valley F&0

Beef Steak ~ 7 votes
Source: Spring Valley F&0

We had very different entries and results this year in contract to our first annual taste. Compare here. All of our entrants were from tomatoes grown by local farmers and can be purchased at area markets.
Note that not everyone who tasted, voted. Those who did vote were entered into a drawing for $10 in market dollars, a pint of cherry tomatoes, and a copy of our Washington Gardener Magazine tomato -themed issue from last May. Our lucky drawing winner was Mary Clive of Silver Spring, MD.

The kiddies had two choices of activities this time -- either draw a tomato on recycled paper with crayon or they could draw ON a cherry tomato using a gel pen. Though the pens are labeled nontoxic, we cautioned against consuming their artwork. We soon realized that the tomatoes were irresistible and maybe next year we need a new plan for "Mr Tomato Head" artists or can revert back to last year's tomato head craft activity.

Thanks to listings in the Gazette and a really nice bump from The Washington Post, we had a great turnout. It rained a bit and Tropical Storm Bill was threatening some more bad weather, so we were a bit worried that would keep folks away from the outdoor market and are happy so many joined us.

A big thanks also for all the help from the FRESHFarm crew, Peter "Mr. Pepper" Frandsen, and our staff photographer, Drena J. Galarza (who took these pics you see here).


Man, I love Sun Gold, but if it got trounced this badly, it looks like it's time to add some new varieties to my seed list for next year!
Last year Sun Sugar was one of the tops - and I'm a slave to it ever since. This year, the Lemon Boy came out of nowhere and everyone fell in love with it. Now searching out seed sources for it.

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