Bursting Out for Garden Blogger Bloom Day

For Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, here is my list in random order as I walked around the yard this morning here in the DC/MD border:
- Alyssum
- Daylilies
- Begonia
- Hydrangea
- Impatiens
- Echinacaea
- Zinnia
- Sunflowers
- Brazilian Verbena
- Lavender
- Hostas
- Roses
- Geraniums
- Ornamental Peppers
- Phlox (tall)
- prostrate Verbena
- Angelonia
- Campanula
- Water Lily - white, hardy
- Black-Eyed Susans
- Snapdragons
- Bronze Fennel
- Caryopteris
- Russian Sage
- Lamb's Ear
- Buddeia
- New England Aster
- Bacopa
- Liatris
- Coreopsis
- Rose of Sharon
- Mums
- Petunias
And here I was thinking this time of year was kind of dry and sparse in the garden!


Hey Kathy, A nice presentation of blooms. The driveway pots sure filled out since I was there this past spring...everything has. Amazing what a week or even a day does to fill a garden! Happy GBBD.

Jonah Holland said…
Beautiful display! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
I love this idea, and I've got it on my calendar to do as a blog post for next month!
Looking forward to see your blooms next month, Jonah.

Helen, the pots are bursting out - had to pinch the coleus back a few times to keep it in bounds - letting it grow a bit now as the county fair is comingup and I notice other coleus entries last year were quite large.
~~Rhonda said…
It all adds up, doesn't it? :) The window box looks great, as do all the containers. Thanks for sharing! ~~Rhonda
Thanks Rhonda for stopping by -- hoping we get some rain here so I can stop lugging out the water for those containers. Guess I got spoiled by all those rainy weeks!
Anonymous said…
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Sylvana said…
I had the same realization when I was taking my pictures -- WOW there is a LOT blooming!

Beautiful pot arrangements, BTW.

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