Blustery Bloom Day a Bust

The deep-freeze sweeping the continent has reached us here in the Mid-Atlantic and no blooms are to be found for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. Unlike last year's Jan 15 post, I have not a bloom in sight. Earlier this month I had one vinca minor flower pop open prematurely. That has long blown away though. What I do have are a lot of things about to bloom. *sigh* Here are some photos of bulb foliage popping out, winter jasmine buds, hellebore flowers emerging, and my window box pansies frozen for now. Depressingly, even indoors my paperwhites are over and my amaryllis and forced bulbs are still a few weeks away. I found one tiny white bloom on a begonia and some flower heads on the assorted coleus I'm forcing in the kitchen windows. I should really pinch back those coleus, yet right now do not have the heart to do so. I'm writing today for the Washington Gardener Enews about cut flower care. That does add a bright note of color at this drab time of year. I'll put a blog post link to that Enews story tomorrow.


Carol said…
It seems no one can escape the winter winds in January. I, too, looked for a little Vinca minor flower, as that is the one plant that is likely to throw out a little errant bloom in the winter time in my garden.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Thanks, Carol. Spring can't come soon enough!
Ada said…
Don't know if this would make you feel better or worse, but I have a native honeysuckle with bud/blooms on it right now. Althougth it is shivering in the current weather! I'll admit it is planted on a wind-sheltered south facing brick wall.
Anonymous said…
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