A Sunny Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Another Bloom Day to share. It is a gorgeous 80 degree day here - well above our normal average. I'm in shorts and a t-shirt now and am loving it. The cold weather will come soon enough. Here are a few blooms from around my garden today.

The zinnia at left was one I seeded very late in the season - ahem, August - in the sidewalk strip. It and a few of its sisters managed to live despite the drought and my neglect. I'll be collecting those hardy seeds as soon as they ripen.

These other three are:
- A bloom of the Little Blue Chip buddleia (aka miniature butterfly bush) that I'm trialing now. It is in a big pot and doing well.
- A sunflower blossom from a mixed seed back. I love how the long petals curl and it has such a tiny face.
- Verbena-on-a-stick (verbena bonariensis) still going strong and putting out more and more flowers. I shared a bunch of this with Green Home Tour attendees and expect it will self-sow well to return next year.


Kathy said…
I like the Blue Chip buddleia, too. It bloomed a good part of the summer despite being root bound. It's now in the ground and I hope it makes it through the winter.
The funniest thing I did not get to catch on camera was a BIG Monarch Butterfly visiting the Blue Chip - it was practically engulfing the flower spikes - so hungry. It was one day last week when it seemed all the Monarchs in a one-mile radius came in one big wave to visit and I haven't seen a one since. If I had not been out watering my pots at that exact timing, I'd never even have known they came.
Carol said…
I like the name "verbena on a stick". Easier to remember. I also like how it self-sows in the garden and starts blooming later in the summer, when other perennials are tapering off.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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