Blandy a Bust

So last weekend was gorgeous, picture perfect actually -- blue skies and warm temps with a very light breeze. Was it TOO nice out, though? The Arborfest at Blandy Farm was a bust for me - I could have sold more subscriptions and issues setting up a card table on my own street corner for an hour.

The highlight of the day was during the set-up hours early Saturday AM when a fellow vendor pulled his truck and wagon hitch out. The truck cleared a small tree ringed wit a steel deer fence, but the wagon did not. There was a tremendous metal scraping noise and a lot of shouting as the driver backed up and they tried to extract the deer fence and tree from the wagon. For the rest of the event I sat staring at the mangled fence and damaged tree partially about 20 feet in front of me. I found it fairly ironic.

Pictured here was a friendly animal visitor that made the rounds. There just was never any real crowds out there and those that did come did a free craft or two and rode on the hay wagon but few were buying much of anything from myself or fellow vendors. At least I was outside for all the gorgeous weather...


Anonymous said…
Hey! You signed me up! That was my first Blandy, and I understand it's a real zoo in the springtime. I still enjoyed myself, and am looking forward to my first issue.

-S. Stastny
Hey SS! Glad you made it to Blandy and next issue is Nov/Dec - being mailed 11/1 - hopefully hitting your mailbox shortly thereafter...
I too heard spring is THE time to be there though that is Mother's Day Weekend and way too many other events and garden tours here in DC for me to get up there for it.

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