Live TV - Take 2

My NBC4 segment on container gardening got postponed due to technical difficulties. Ah, the thrills of live television. A nearby radio station had upped their signal last week and now any outdoor live recordings pick up their feed or have a loud hum in all the microphones. We tried it four different ways and if you watched you even saw a teaser for us "coming up." In the end though, they decided it'd be best to tape it inside and it will air tomorrow (Thurs 4/10 at 4pm -- should be close to the 4:50 block.) Pictured here is Veronica Johnson in our compromise indoor set-up. Such gorgeous weather outside today, too bad we could not use it.


I wish I had known and I would've set my DVR to record!

Hope it goes well!
You can also catch it on your computer - they stream the 4:00pm broadcast live from here:

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