Get Out There and Garden!

It is a glorious day and perfect weather to get out and garden. Garden helper Dan Edwards and I tackled several of my to-do list items including hacking back my groundcover roses. We filled 12 big bags with yard waste and my lower back is tight, but nothing like standing back and being able to see real progress and accomplishment.

This photo is from Lewis Ginter Gardens inside the conservatory. Yes, someday your cottage garden could look just like this with the assistance of a large staff and a perfect climate-controlled atmosphere. We can all dream...


I heard it was a gorgeous weekend!

I was in Denver where it was also nice. I managed to get some pictures at the Denver Botanic Garden before the snow hit Monday:

I spent most of my time in the conservatory feeding my budding interest in tropicals, but I also managed to get some xeric or semi-xeric bed pictures, and also some shots in the cactus and succulents house.

What a dreamy place!
Nice pics, Doug. I went to Denver BG anout 3 years ago, but did not take too many photos. I do recall being impressed with the makeover on the Japanese gardens and by their wildflower meadows.

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