Early Earth Day

Surrounded by plants and attentive listeners, I had a great time talking about, smelling, tasting, and potting up herbs at Whole Foods Silver Spring's Earth Day last Saturday. Holding the event early was great for me as my spring weekends are all double-booked and this gave me an actual chance to be close to home for once.

Bizarre weather forced us indoors, but we made the best of it and managed not to get too much soil on the floor. Though the cleaning crew still gave me the stink-eye when they saw a minuscule pile of potting soil on the floor afterwards. I said, "Just wait until the next guy!" Mark Smallwood followed me with a compost demo.

Another pic of me giving this class is at 94.7 The Globe's radio station web site here. This radio station is classic rock and bills itself as being green. I suppose that goes together if you are looking to attract a certain age group and demographic.


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