The Day the Sun Stands Still

I'm trying to pin down a date to host our annual Open Garden and since the Summer Solstice worked well last year, I'm going to schedule around that again. Who know that there was so much leeway and controversy in the exact date. Some sources say Summer Solstice in 2008 is on June 20, others say it is June 21. I mean the longest day of the year, should be pretty easy to measure and confirm, right? Maybe leap year or global warning has a few folks thrown off their game. When I do the NBC News at 4 garden segment tomorrow (Wed. 4/9) I'm going to quiz weather guru Veronica Johnson on the exact timing. For now, I'm setting the Open Garden date as June 21. More details and invitation will be posted as the date gets closer.

Photo source: eumetsat


Anonymous said…
Actually, the longest day of the year is hardest to figure out. The sun moves a little bit when at the solstices, so it is harder to determine which day/time is the magic one. It zips past the equinoxes.

Still, one would think these computers would have it figured out.
Thanks, anon. Isn't it amazing the more we know, the less we know? Seems the Mayans had it down and we are not that much further in knowledge - at least on this topic.

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