Blooming My Head Off

It is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day again. What a cheery way to greet tax day! I've loaded a few pics here of my weeping cherry and other blossoms. My garden has exploded and my little neighbor, Oona, stopped by last night to peruse the flowers and pick some. How sweet is it that she is most impressed by the common vinca, violets, and the dandelions that creep into my borders? I think the the fact that they are tiny, sweet, and low-to-the-ground are the big attraction factors. So for all those wanting to garden for kids, take note. Think cute and small, not big and tall.


Nancy J. Bond said…
Your April garden blooms are lovely!
Carol said…
Yes, I think kids go toward the smaller flowers, for some reason. I like your garden, pinks and purples and blues. No yellows. I am tired of yellow daffodils and forsythia and am reading for other colors!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day again!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!!~~Dee
FirePhrase said…
My little niece likes a small white flower that grows wild out here. I have no idea what the real name is, but she calls them Tinker Bell flowers. Good enough for me.

"Tinker Bell" flowers is very apt -- perhaps a smart plant marketer will get with Disney and do a "Princess" line of plants -- Lord knows that have "Prince Ariel this" and "Prince Aurora that" of every other conceivable product line in the universe -0- and my nieces must own them all!
Most of my daffs and the forsythia have finished up now - but still some spots of yellow about.

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