Whipping Your Garden Into Shape

Our latest article in the Washington Examiner is out today. Read the article online here (Real Estate section - September 14 2007 edition - page 14), or grab the print version at the red street boxes around town today - the article is on R14 (Real Estate section - page 14). It is on Garden Coaches. When researching this trend I found a great many "garden coaches" out there that have been doing it for decades, they just called themselves something else -- mentor, consultant, etc. -- and many of them did the service for free for friends and family. Like other domestic and home arts, gardening is getting crowded out of people's busy schedules and certainly few have the time to take a new gardener under their wing, so for newbies hiring a garden coach for a few hours of hand-holding just makes sense.
Now that I mention the time-crunch, I'm off to crank out the September 15 edition of our Washington Gardener Enews . I just got back from a morning visiting the Mall gardens and a Ladybug Release at the NMAI. Lots of eager young entomologists and horticulturists there. (Some pictured here.) Hope to see many more at the Brookside Children's Day event tomorrow.


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