That's Ecoganic, Baby

Washington Gardener Magazine will be at the Penn Quarter FreshFarmMarket this Thursday, 9/13 from 3-7pm at 8th & E Sts near Gallery Place.

Come by to get your gardening questions answered, sign up for a subscription, renew your subscription, or purchase a gift subscription. We'll also have the single copies of the current Sept/Oct '07 issue for sale and a limited number of back issues on hand too. Don't forget to sample and buy some fresh and delicious locally grown food while you are there!

The okra display that I photographed at the markets last month says "ecoganic" in the top right of the price sign. I googled it and turns out this local farmer invented the word in lieu of getting the official Federal organic certification, even though they do grow organically. I certainly understand why -- the tedious process, application costs, and other hoops that growers have to go through do not make it worthwhile for the small farm operation.


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