Sedum or Leave 'Em

As promised, here are a couple pics of my sedums. The top is 'Neon' - it is a patch near my front door and the one that gets regularly pummeled by newspapers flung at it. Still holds up pretty well, nice bright foliage in a part shade spot. When its blooms open in a week or so, they will be bright pink. The bottom pic is 'Autumn Joy.' This patch is near the downspout off my sun room and in theory would get a lot more sun than the 'Neon' but the Caryopteris and Russian Sage next to have grown into monsters and block most of the direct rays. It is just about to bloom. The flowers will be a russet red color and the foliage is more a mid- green. The other day I saw Whole Foods was selling cut 'Autumn Joy' bunches in their florist section. I hadn't really thought of using them as cut flowers. If I did that it would leave some ugly stubs out there in the garden and that would ruin any off-season interest from the seedheads that dry rather prettily in the late autumn. I think I'll let them stay as garden border plants and take my cut flowers from plants that will spring back more readily.

If you want to read about what area plants do well for us, here is a link to a local blogger, Kathleen Franklin at She has written for Audubon Naturalist News and operates the blog to support her garden consulting business. She is also a certified Maryland Master Gardener. What I like is that the blog is focused squarely on my very topic of choice -- gardening here in the Mid-Atlantic/great Washington DC region. Check her page out and leave a comment if the mood strikes you.


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