Ken Can Garden Too

Don't say I never gave you any eye-candy! Here Ken assists Barbie's gardening efforts by digging a planting hole in the brutal DC summer humidity and he never breaks a sweat! Sure, leather pants and black cowboy boots are a bit "hot" for a day in the dirt, but he looks good doing it and with his limited wardrobe choices it was garden in this outfit, a wedding tux, or swim trunks. He could have borrowed GI Joe's fatigues, though I have those on Ebay auction right now to raise money for some more Barbie's garden accessories. Guns for flowers, so to speak. Got to have my priorities straight, you know.
Enjoy the weekend and if you get a chance come by and see me at the Friends of Brookside Plant sale Saturday morning-to-afternoon or the free Simplicity Matters' Sustainable Garden talk Sunday evening.


FirePhrase said…
Always wondered how Ken kept that smokin' hot physique. Who knew digging holes was so good for the abs?
Yes, Gardening is a terrific workout. We did a story in our Nov/Dec 2005 issue of Washington Gardener magazine that was very popular. It was called, "Getting Fit with Flowers." In the sidebar I gave callorie-burning counts of various garden activities. Digging, spading, & tilling came in at 202 calories used in 30 minutes. That is one donut off the hips in my book.

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