In The Pink: Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

My first time participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Truthfully, it could not be on a worse day for me - the 15th of the month always finds me scrambling to get the Washington Gardener Enews finished and sent out. The current issue is now uploading so I have a minute to put up these three pics from my garden this afternoon. I have about 25 more bloomers today, but decided instead of throwing them all up here I'd go with a pink-theme display. From left to right here are a Japanese Anemone, Cosmos, and Wiegela shrub.


Carol said…
It is interesting to note that pink seems to be a more dominant color in the fall landscape, more so than the traditional fall colors of orange and yellow. At least that's one of my observations from looking around at all the post for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Thanks for joining us!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens
Thanks for organizing it Carol. And yes, looking over my photos I have many more pinks in bloom now and also lots of purples as well - from Russian Sage to Catmint. Not typically autumnal colors - but very soothing.
I always have more pinks and purples, since that is what I'm drawn too. I love the pink cosmos and am enjoying it in my garden too.

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