Howdy from OKC!

I'm immersed in the Garden Writers meeting in Oklahoma City, OK right now and lots of blogging talk is going on. The level of awareness from last year's meeting to this one is remarkable. There is a podcast workshop this afternoon, database driven book talk after that, and now I'm running off to a digital photo storing session. Something tells me I'll have to add several more to-do items to my list post-show.
So far I've not eatten too well, but I hope to remedy that with a Slow Food dinner invite I got for tonight.
Apologies for the lack of photos. I've taken plenty but cannot upload them to my laptop.


Carol said…
Conferences are fun, but exhausting, too. Hope to hear more about the blogging talk!
You are so right on both accounts Carol! I'm just back this afternoon and am a bit loopy from the long days. See my next post for more.

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