Copycat Covers

Now I don't think that either Horticulture or The American Gardener actually copied each other -- but I was stunned when both mags arrived in my mailbox the same day this week and both featured Colchicums on the cover. Sure a fall blooming bulb is a great choice, but what are the odds? Thank goodness I did not go with the bulb-theme cover also! The local newstand's garden section could have been a solid display of bright pink.


Carol said…
Did you notice that the colchicum article in The American Gardener was written by Kathy Purdy of

That is an odd coincidence to have two covers that close.
No, I hadn't read that far yet - interesting. For several years now I've been wanting the Colchicum 'Violet Queen.' I think after reading about them in Martha Stewart Living. This year I finally placed my order and got them at the end of August - planted them right away, but no signs of life yet - hope I didn't get a bum batch.

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