Ribbon Cutting

I picked up my fair ribbons yesterday - six in total (pictured here). Two more than I thought, a first and second, which was a surprise since they weren't there when I visited the for last week. They were for two asters I'd entered and as no one else was in the category -- I was a shoe-in :-)! Other categories had dozens of entries -- for instance, French Marigolds is one I need not enter again unless I have a fabulous specimen. And I certainly have learned my lesson in the fresh herbs category -- presentation is everything! When I saw the other entries, I wanted to grab mine and hide it from view. There it sat all week long with my name and address plain as day for any fairgoer to come by and say, "Who entered this bunch of weeds?!" Ugh.

Update on Channel 4 at 4pm appearance -- I'm now set to be on this Thursday, 8/23. Look for me around 4:45pm. Even if you are not in DC you can watch it on their web feed. Loving these last few days of rain - but need to get on the air while it is still August and the issue is still current!


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