It is Thursday, so here is an online link to this week's The List: Top 5 Home & Garden Events on page 24 of today's print edition in the Washington Examiner.

Notice that combined as event #1 on The List are my two appearances this weekend at the FreshFarm Markets in Silver Spring on Saturday and Dupont Circle on Sunday. I took this photo at the Takoma Park farmer's market a few weeks ago. I can't imagine anyone who would not love getting a bunch of these "just because." Wish my own sunflowers had done something this year, they never did get much of a start.

Those "meet the public" events and my Channel 4 at 4pm segment today remind me that I need to get a signature outfit/look and fast. Yesterday I ran into the Question Mark Guy, not once, but twice! He was sitting in the coffee shop two blocks from my house then last night passed him in Bethesda on way to a screening of The 11th Hour. (BTW that film was "just okay," I really like many of those interviewed. I could listen to Betsy Taylor and Bill McDonough for hours, but in general the film's tone is pedantic and a downer. I can see this being a hit on the high-school-film-while-teachers-meet-circuit.) So I still have no idea what to wear that is immediately recognizable as a "garden expert," looks decent on camera, and can be worn in many weather situations. Often I'm out in close to 100 degrees, as is predicted for this weekend, and also I'm freezing my tutu off at indoor events where they crank the AC or at events in early spring that can be frostbite weather. I'm open to suggestions and not above copying from those who have paved the way before me.


Anonymous said…
Just last month, I read an article that all the cooking girls (Giada, Cat Cora, Rachel Ray, that blonde girl) are wearing the fitted v-neck sweater (I think cribbing off of Martha). It's a look.

This is kind of off the wall, but what about a vintage-look smock? You could wear it over something with sleeves in the winter and just with a tank in the summer. If you look around, you might find one or two patterns you like, and can have them made up in some kicky fabrics. Plus they'd have pockets for all those little things you need at a show, like pencils and business cards. And once the show's over, the smock comes off, and you're in street clothes. If you picked the right fabric, it could have have a sort of hipster feel. I'll send you some pics I found.

Hmm, I think you are on to something there - I was thinking work apron at one point - but since I never wear one (though I own several), I never tried it out. I think I may order the canvas apron with our logo that we have on sale at: and give that a try. Ifthat works well, I'll order more and embellish them with different fabrics, trims, etc.
BTW on NBC4 yesterday they had another guest - a first-timer and she was VERY nervous - I talked her down in the greenroom. She was a personal shopper giving tips on kid's Back to school fashions. One mistake she made was wearing a dress. She looked good - but there is nowhere to clip the microphone pack onto -- I am always tempted to wear one of my sleeveless shift dresses on-air too, but remember in time that two-piece dressing is the way to go. I think this is why you see all on-air news ladies wearing jacket-skirt suits or nice pant-sets.
The other lesson I learned long ago was that the mike needs something to clip onto near your face and the black cord needs to be hidden preferably under your clothes. Sweater sets have worked well for me there. I think your apron/smock idea will work well for that too.

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