Gardener Barbie Part 2

So I did some more sleuthing and I found Green Thumb™ Fashion Barbie. She is a 1998 Limited Edition doll from the Barbie Millicent Roberts® Collection and, of course, she is no longer available. Even if she was, I would not want her. As Barbies go, she is a bit homely. Here are all the reasons I do not like her (feel free to add your own as well):
1. That hair. Wouldn't that be better suited to "Conservative Politicians Wife" Barbie?

2. Those overalls. Even if I could ignore that unflattering mustard color, the fact that she is in bib overalls (not even shorts!) is a big offense in my book. Do they not watch "What Not to Wear"!?! No one, and I mean NO ONE looks good in overalls. She has a cute figure under there somewhere, I'm sure.

3. The black clogs. I like the clogs, but can we get a nice red or at least green? I don't even think they sell black clogs in any catalogs or garden centers that I've seen.

4. That blouse. Purple with flowers, I can live with, but those contrasting denim cuffs and collar just says, "I can't afford a new shirt so I took two old ones from the charity bin and sewed them together." Thrifty? Yes. Attractive? No.

5. The descriptive text. "There's something so special about a garden! And whether it's vegetables or flowers, Barbie® doll is ready to grow in lemon yellow overalls worn with a stylish garden print long-sleeved blouse. Barbie® dons her gardening gloves, making sure her "straw" hat is firmly in place to protect her from the sun. Her comfortable clogs are perfect for long hours working in the garden with her hoe and shovel." Why is "straw" in quotes? What exactly is that hat made of? I do not see her gloves, hoe, and shovel pictured -- those accessories might make the purchase worthwhile.

Mattel, you are still on my poop list. What are you trying to say? Gardeners can't be hot? I beg to differ. Here at left I have taken one of my older Barbies and dressed her up for a day in the garden. She is sporting a simple, practical ensemble as she tends her flowers. I took the yellow shirt from a stewardess outfit, the jeans are Jordache, and the hat from Pretty Changes Barbie. Had to make do with sneakers, since all the other shoes are pumps or Candies-like high heel slides.

I just stumbled across this. I can't stand Bratz, but they are at least trying and they recognize a good thing in the new green trend. One ebay dealer says: "Gardening is in vogue with Nora and her ultra-cool and environmentally friendly, green-thumb accessories• Bratz Girlz Nora doll comes with flower seeds, a watering can and flowerpot so kids can grow their own flowers• Dressed for the occasion, Nora wears a top made from flower petals and has her own signature floral scent• Includes a hairbrush along with real gardening equipment and flower seeds•" I could do without the scent and the giant head, but overall nice work, Bratz! Apparently there is a whole series of these dolls - I see more on Amazon. Wonder if they are doing any gardening in their new movie?

PS Don't even TRY to right-click on Green Thumb Barbie's photo -- you will get a strongly worded copyright warning from Mattel. If anyone out there knows how they made this piece of web coding work, please contact me. I'd love to do the same for our magazine's copyrighted images that I place online.


Thanks, Balir for the coding 411. I think I'll do a bit more investigating and thinking on how I may want to apply something similar to it without coming off as rude/nasty in doing so.
Blair said…
YIKES! I left the comment because I didn't know of an email address. I don't mind overly much if you leave the rest of the comment, but would you please delete the email address? That was meant for your use only.

I have RE-POSTED Blair's comment below - sans email address. Blogger does not allow me to edit comments only to approve or delete them. If you think about it, tht is actually a good thing 'cause some bloggers might manipulate comments for their own nefarious reasons.



The "popup a nasty copyright message" trick is done through a snippet of JavaScript. It's by no means perfect -- for starters, you can go into the browser's settings and turn off JavaScript. (Of course, in the case of this particular site, turning off the JavaScript also wrecks the page layout and navigation.)

If you want to see how it's done, point your web browser to and you can see the code they used.

A couple notes however: First, you need to use FireFox or Opera to view that address. Internet Explorer will try to download the script and run it locally. It won't harm anything, but you won't be able to see it either -- which kinda defeats the purpose, right? Second, that particular scrap of code may be copyrighted. I'm not sure what the rules are in this case with no copyright notice given for the code itself. (I don't try to interpret copyright law and the bar association doesn't try to write software. It's a good arrangement.) On the other hand, there's certainly nothing wrong with looking at the code to see how it's done and then using a similar technique.

Oh, if you want to view the image directly, you can see it at Using that address, it doesn't matter whether JavaScript is turned on or off.

Like I said, the script isn't perfect. ;-)

Anyhow, if you have questions about how to create a script like that for your site, drop me a line at ---. If she hasn't said so already, I'm sure Angela will assure you that I'm (mostly) harmless. :-)
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Anonymous said…
Nice job styling Miss Barbie. Practical and pretty. Maybe you could have a show on TLC where you take women who actually dress like those Bratz dolls and dress them like productive members of society. "We took her from Easy-Skeezy to Eco-Cool."

LOL - if I can't host it, I'd certainly watch it - if only do see the women who'd let themselves be called "Easy-Skeezy" for a free makeover!
Ed Bruske said…
Kathy, now we know why Ken dropped out of the picture: Barbie fell in love with gardening.
Ed - I think it is more likely that Ken had other interests outside spending quality time with Barbie, if you know what I mean. Ken will get the gardener treatment soon too - stay tuned.
Anonymous said…
Actually the Supreme court has ruled that you can use the copyrighted image under the "Fair Use Act". As long as your use, follows the criteria laid out in said act.

Unfortunately, my blog (Barbies4Sale), doesn't quite qualify as my use might be construed as "for profit".

Note too, that I did not use your image of "Gardner Barbie" as a homage from one blogger to another. Nevertheless, I found your article(s), and your fashion sense, so totally Fascinating, Cool, and ...Fashionable, that I just had to blog about it.

You can read my post "Here", and if you would allow me to use your Gardener Barbie image (pic), then Please post your permission HERE on your blog, OR, as a comment to my post on my blog as that will give you an additional link back to your blog. Either way, I will most certainly give you and your magazine credit, and Additional kudos. Thanks in advance, ~ High Octane

p.s. (just a thought) You should use your Gardener Barbie as your Blogger Profile image. ;)
High Octane - you may borrow away and just let me know where you re=-post it - as you did here as I always like to see when things take on a life of their own.
I love that idea of using her as my blogger profile pic! Now to re-do my blogger page and post it.
BTW watch out for a Part 3 in the Gardener Barbie series - I have my notes all written on it, just have to find time to do the photos and post it!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely Fabulous! I will let you know when I re-post but for now let me just say "Thank You", and the new profile pic looks GREAT!!! Not to mention "Perfect"! ..."Happy Gardening"!
Anonymous said…
The John Deere Barbie is pretty good, more like what a gardener would wear than what Mattel put there garden barbie in at least!!!
Barbies4Sale! said…
Oh she's Cute! I'm going to have to do an article on her. Thanks for the tip mommymommyland.
MML - thanks for the John Deere Barbie link! Who knew? That pink and baseball hate plus sturdy shoes are a massive improvement and yes, much closer to what a real dirt-in-the-gardener would be wearing. Love her!
Barbies4Sale! said…
Hi, WG! Just posted an article about a John Deere Barbie doll that I found on craigslist for $15!

Included in the article are other purchase opportunities I found, and, Your link, of course.

Here's the link:

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