Eye of the Tiger

Working on the Enews and getting the Magazine to the printer probably will have few blog posts for the next week or so. Did want to mention a new web site from Garden Ranter Susan Harris. She writes: "I'm happy to announce http://www.sustainable-gardening.com/. It's a compilation of my articles in the Voice newspapers, answers to the questions I get asked in my garden coaching, and meaty links and blog posts from my favorite writers. I welcome your input."
If you get by the MC Fair this week, you can see I entered a bunch of flowers, some herbs, and my cherry tomatoes into competition yesterday. The drought made the entries pretty weak this year, but I have high hopes that I'll get at least a few ribbons. Judging is today. I'm going tomorrow morning with my nieces. Will see what I rated -- if anything. Note that last year my nieces were completely unimpressed with my assortment of ribbons -- unless I got that huge purple "best in show/division" one (pictured here), I was a loser in their eyes. Kids can sure keep you grounded. LOL!


susan harris said…
Thanks, Kathy!

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