Fighting Spirit

The MoCoHomeShow last weekend was relatively small, but we did very well there in thanks to our Global Worming Worm Tea giveaway. (We ran out on Sunday afternoon and will be doing more at future events.) We also had Mike McGrath, known best to local gardeners from his spots on WTOP radio, sharing the booth with us following his four talks at the event. As we were right next to the stage area, after Mike finished up his lively discussions he steered the crowd over and signed books, chatted, and answered still more garden questions from the pressing crowd.

Mike, former editor of Organic Gardening magazine, gives advice is of the chemical-free kind. A great many of the questions he got this weekend were on dealing with deer, squirrels, Japanese beetles, etc. without resorting to giving oneself cancer. I won't give all his answers away here as you can easily check out his links, columns, radio shows, and books for those. It is evident though that gardeners are not giving up the battle and just paving over their yards as some editorials and marketers would have you believe. Instead I find they are eager to learn the best fighting techniques. It was gratifying to see so many folks are ready to get out there and get their hands dirty. With this current run of gorgeous weather, I'll end here and go out to do the same.


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