What NOT to do in the Garden

Our latest Washington Examiner article is now out. It is entitled: "Garden Resolutions: What NOT to do in 2007" and is about common gardening mistakes. Read it online (Jan 12 edition - page 70) or grab the print version at the red street boxes around town today - the article is on R14 (Real Estate section - page 14). It is also in the Baltimore Examiner edition online (Jan 12 edition - page 87) or print version on R31 (Real Estate section - page 31).

We got a great bump for our Photo Contest today in the DC Master Gardener's blog site and a pick up from that at Wonkette. Word also went out to several area camera clubs so the submissions are really starting to roll in. Some really impressive work so far. I'm so glad I'm not judging it - wouldn't know where to begin. I'm keeping our expert judge anonymous for now as he/she has taught many area courses on garden photography and I'd like him/her to not be contacted by former students, photographer friends, etc. Having judging a web site design, landscape, and other contests myself, I know that people will do what they can to seek favor from judges and influence the outcome. I could tell tales, but I'll leave that for my memoirs...


Anonymous said…
Great article. My neighbor planted a row of Leylands less than a foot from my fence. Too bad she hadn't followed your advice in #5.

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