Links to Linger Over

Got the rainy Monday blues? Today I thought I'd share a few links of interest with you.

First, is our staff photographer, Drena J. Galarza. (That is her at left.) She has just debuted her new web site offering her portrait photography services. You can browse it at: .

Second, is the new web site of Donna Williamson, Donna ran the Grandiflora magazine, a regional publication that preceded our own. She has some of the back issues on sale at her site as well as some interesting articles and bonus items.

Third, my friend Julie in Dallas, TX, sends word that today's Ask Amy column has an interesting letter from a homeowner in DC who is plagued by some neighbors who frown on her landscaping. Here is a link to the letter. Without actually seeing the yard in question, it is difficult to judge or take sides, but certainly anyone who sends anonymous notes is a coward. I'd love to know exactly where this person lives and who this psycho neighbor is -- if either party is reading this, please come forward with facts and photos!


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