A Holly Jolly January

Our latest Washington Examiner article is now out. It is all about Hollies and was inspiresd by the Holly Nursery Tour the Four Seasons Garden Club hosted that I tagged along with earluer this month. Read it online (Jan 26 edition - page 54) or grab the print version at the red street boxes around town today - the article is on R6 (Real Estate section - page 6). It is also in the Baltimore Examiner edition online (Jan 26 edition - page 101) or print version on R37 (Real Estate section - page 37). I much prefer you read the Baltimore version this time as it is a full-page and includes all the photos and their cutlines.


bunabayashi said…
Nice article, I'm glad McLean Nursery was mentioned. I only wish there was room to cite my favorite Holly, Ilex x koehneana!
Yes, so much I had to leave out for this short piece - I think have about 10 pages of notes I did not use. I will definitely be doing a much longer, indepth piece for the magazine at some point in the near future. They limit me to aboyt 700 words for the Examiner pieces - but I regualrly go over 1,000 + the photo captions :-)

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