Get On The Bus

Okay, okay, I've been lectured on this and I should know better -- it is not a "bus" it is a "coach" and I will not use the b-word again. Anyway, I've partnered with fellow Garden Writer Association member Cheval Force Opp and her new Garden Tours company to take a bunch of folks up to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Wednesday, March 7.

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Never been to it? I'm not going to sugarcoat it for you, you WILL be overwhelmed when you arrive by the sheer size of it and the crowds and the almost overpowering sweet flower smells. But, take a minute, catch your breath, then focus. You are going to love it. I can safely predict that after you go once, you'll join the thousands of other flower, plant, and garden lovers who make this an annual tradition.

What sets our tour apart from all the others? 8 Great Reasons!
1. We feed you! That's right, lunch is included on the way up as well as a hardy snack on the way back
2. We entertain you! We'll have garden-related DVDs to view, flower trivia contests, prizes for best (dressed, on time, etc.), and just plain silly games for your day off work.
3. We'll hold a lively show preview talk! Cheval and I will be at the show on Sunday-Monday and get a behind-the-scenes tour with the show management. We'll pass on any tidbits we learn to you.
4. We are going up later and arriving later then all the other crack-of-dawn folks! That means you'll hit the exhibit hall when it is at its least crowded and have some time to sleep in on the morning of your cherished day off.
5. We take care of the details! Cheval will be your acting "den mother" for the day and you can just concern yourself with all the great things you will see. You can leave the driving, directions, and parking hassles to our coach transport. We also provide you with a packet of show information so you can arrive ready to hit the Flower Show running.
6. We leave from a convenient location! Downtown Silver Spring's metro Kiss 'n Ride lot is our start and stop point so you can take the metro, train, or metrobus in or have a friend drop you off or drive yourself and park in the many downtown parking garages for the day. Many who live in the area can just walk or bike on down.
7. We let you pick your seat-mate! Yes, no worry of being stuck with some weird-o on the Greyhound or of getting separated from your friend. If you are traveling with someone and want to sit together, just let us know and we'll place you together in our handy seating chart.
8. We set a great price! Whether you go by train or drive yourself - by the time you add up all the costs (gas, toll, parking, meals, etc.) and the price of the show ticket, you'll see we are a terrific bargain. Not only that, but we are giving Washington Gardener subscribers $5 off our fee. And yes, you can sign up for the trip and subscribe at the same time to get the discount.

Now what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and a friend or loved one to a trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show today. Seating availability is limited and the deadline is approaching so register ASAP. Download the registration form at:


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