Garden & Gun - wha???

So I get wind today of a new regional magazine with "garden" in the title. Thought for a second it could join our Regional Gardening Magazine yahoo discussion group. The new mag is called "Garden & Gun" and if THAT doesn't get your attention on the newsstand, nothing will. I have to see their new logo, front cover, and web site design! (Since no image or link was availble, here a tleft, is the aptly named "Garden Gun" hose sprayer.) I came across it in the Wooden Horse Magazine News, yet no graphics accompanied the story. Did a quick Google search and the only thing I could find was this piece in BrandWeek. Still no graphics to be had. Damn people, talk about suspense! According to these sketchy reports, it is due out in May and will target the Town & Country set, but aimed at those in the South. Um, call me provincial, but is that really the title that will appeal to the modern, moneyed, gentile southerner? The fact that the NRA HQ is housed just south of DC in the NoVA suburbs is scary enough, but I refuse to believe that guns are so symbolic a part of southern culture that you would build your brand around them. And please clue me in on their relation to gardening other than that desire by many who border parkland hereabouts to shoot a few deer with them?


mr_mendleson said…
I found this on a blog, Katherine Walton Presents:

Garden & Gun magazine will launch Spring 2007. G&G is an adventure bound, art loving, skeet-shooting lifestyle magazine covering the South and the Caribbean. The magazine will have lift and sail but it will also be weighted with the mission to bring conservation and preservation issues into consciousness. The creative and business team is being led by Rebecca Darwin, first female publisher of the New Yorker. I'm helping out – using my contacts with Southern writers and experience editing Charleston Magazine — working with Pat Conroy, Moreton Neal and Clyde Edgerton on articles for the first issue and writing a book column. An early launch party is being held in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy, November 18, at Rochelle, a plantation near Charleston, SC.

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